Get free protection for YOUR new helmet from Helmet Center covering up to 100% of the helmets value! Here are the terms and conditions.





  1) Rider MUST provide police-issued accident report with his or her name on it as the rider that was involved in the accident.

  2) The Helmet Center reserves the right to inspect and qualify a helmet for "damaged beyond wearable" eligibility replacement.

  3) Rider must present receipt and helmet within 90 days of accident.

  4) The Helmet Center will retain the damaged helmet. In the case the insurance company keeps the helmet, you must have photo proof of the helmet damage.

  5) New helmet credit will be for helmets of equal or lesser value than that of originally purchased helmet.

  6) Helmet credit is non-transferable, and non-refundable.

  7) Helmet credit is for in-store credit only for original purchaser only.

  8) Helmet credit is not redeemable for products other than another replacement helmet.

  9) Offer not valid for dropped, stunted, track day or race helmets.

  10) Helmet must be DOT rated to qualify for replacement.

  11) Replacement helmet must be DOT rated.

  12) Helmet replacement is pro-rated, and will be determined by the original date of purchase, and the date listed on the accident report.

  13) Full replacement coverage for first 6 months, then prorated after that until 24 months expires from date of purchase. Helmet is covered 100% from purcahse date to 6 months, then 75% from 6-12 months, then 50% from 12-18 months, then 25% from 18 months to 24 months. After 24 months, there is no coverage.

  14) Full helmet replacement not valid on clearance helmets, dirt bike helmets, youth helmets, price-matched helmets beyond 10% off MSRP, or Novelty helmets.

  15) Customer only gets ONE replacement helmet from the original purchased helmet, and the replacement helmet is not eligible for free or pro-rated replacement at a later date.

  16) The Helmet Center reserves the right to refuse an exchange if it feels the customer is not being honest about the circumstances of their accident, or is trying to gain coverage outside the spirit of the replacement policy.

  17) The Helmet Center's crash replacement starts on all purchases starting July 1, 2019. Good on IN-store purchases, and ONLINE purchases from Any helmets purchased before that date are not eligible for this program.

  18) Helmet MUST carry "Helmet Center Crash Guarantee" decal on it to be covered under this policy. These are put on before a helmet ships, or has been delivered IN-store, and cannot be removed or tampered with. Helmets that have been delivered WITH the decal, but have had the decal removed are no longer eligable for this program. 

  19) Helmet Center reserves the right to end this program at any time.