Grom Giveaway!

We decided to build our first project bike at The Helmet Center! So in the name of good media interest, we went after the most collectible, highest horsepower vehicle we could get our hands on, with the sole intent of building it up, and GIVING IT AWAY!!

... but when that didn't work out... we ended up with this Grom. frown

The first thing we did was swap out that lame exhaust for a lighter Bejing Performance full-exhaust system! With a FULL CARBON-FIBER-looking decal, and an Unobtainium header pipe, we dropped 30 lbs, and added over 40 hp! That's right 'Busa-boy... we're comin for you!


(HP gains based soley on the size of the stickers included in the box)

Nothing screams 2018 like murdered-out passenger FOOTPEG brackets! After installing these fresh powder-coated brackets, its hard to tell where the business stops, and the party starts! Thanks to our friends at Affordable Powdercoating for making our lifelong dream of blacked-out passenger footpeg brackets for a Honda Grom a reality. 

In the effort of weight-savings, we ordered a space-age undertail bracket straight from NASA. It's eliminated that plastic fender, thus guaranteeing those nice muddy sprinkles up your back the first time you ride through a puddle!


Solution? Don't ride through puddles.

To handle all this new found power, we were required by law to upgrade the handlebars. In accordance with the International Small Motorcycle With High Horsepower Protection Act, we added these high-quality Pro-Taper bars. Factory handlebars would simply fold back with a mere twist of the wrist. Matter of fact, you may need to upgrade your wrists too. Our friends at Tucker Distributing can be thanked for this safety upgrade.

Looking for every performance edge we could find, aerodynamics could NOT be overlooked. Using a chin spoiler that would make Jay Leno proud, this addition MAY just be the difference between hitting 200 MPH at Bonneville... or not....              Probably not. But for $100, it sure looks "dope" as the kids say.

What's next? You'll have to check back to find out!   4/16/19 DS